The polo shirt is undoubtedly one of the most versatile casual garments in a (gentle) man’s wardrobe. Taking its name from polo, the sport of kings, the polo shirt was actually popularized initially not by polo players but by 2 tennis players who were known not only for their prowess with a racket but also for their elegance: René Lacoste and Fred Perry. In the 1980s, it was Ralph Lauren who made the polo shirt a staple in any well-stocked wardrobe around the globe.

Alexander Kraft has long been a fan of polo shirts, from his early teens to the present day. Thus, the AK MC polo shirts have been designed by Alexander Kraft with special attention to numerous sartorial details that make a huge difference in terms of comfort and style, thereby eliminating some of the most common pitfalls of “normal” polo shirts:

All polo shirts are made in a family-owned artisanal workshop in Italy using only the best locally sourced cotton pique. On the left hip (where gentlemen have traditionally their initials embroidered on bespoke dress shirts), one finds the discreet yet very chic embroidered logo of Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo.

This polo shirt will immediately upgrade any casual outfit and can be worn in countless combinations: With a suit for a semi-formal attire, with white trousers and a sports jacket for a casually chic outfit perfectly suited for a drink at the pub, or with chinos, jeans or shorts for a truly casual yet classy look.

The polo shirt is a “universal weapon” for any gentleman’s wardrobe, fit for (almost) any occasion and climate!

Short sleeve polo shirts coming soon