There is perhaps no garment more beloved and more universal than a pair of jeans. Long gone are the days when jeans used to be workwear or strictly casualwear. Since the introduction of the so-called designer jeans in the 1980s, jeans have conquered runways and high-end wardrobes alike, and are being worn nowadays with everything from designer T-shirts to dinner jackets (a look championed since the 1970s by style god Ralph Lauren).

However, although there is plethora of choice, a truly great pair of jeans can be surprisingly hard to find: Many jeans today are either too skinny or too boxy, too thick or too stretchy, too ripped or too conservative.

Alexander Kraft has endeavored to create the perfect jeans, made from pure Italian denim in medium weight without any stretch material, that sit medium-low on the waist, that are cut slim but that are not skinny, and that are always long enough to be rolled up for a casual look inspired by the American West. Refined details include specially engraved buttons and rivets, an embossed leather patch, and a cheeky interior label with one of Kraft’s favorite Italian proverbs…