A waistcoat (or vest) is an often overlooked, or even maligned, part of a (gentle)man’s wardrobe that adds a touch of class and refinement to almost any outfit.

Alexander Kraft has always had a penchant for double breasted waistcoats that have been a staple in formal wardrobes (especially formal morning suits) and used to be highly popular in the 1930s and 1940s, but had been largely forgotten in more recent times, until he started popularizing them again from 2010 on. More than a decade ago, Kraft designed, together with his tailor(s),  a perfectly balanced double breasted waistcoat that he wore not only with his exquisite bespoke suits, but also with casual trousers and even jeans. The look was picked up in the press and on social media, thereby ushering in a renaissance of the double breasted waistcoat that, all of a sudden, started to be offered again by many global fashion houses and tailors.

Kraft applied his bespoke designs to his ready-to-wear collection and now offers a wide range of double breasted waistcoats that can be combined with matching trousers and jackets to form highly elegant 3-piece-suits, but can also be worn in a more casual fashion, for example with jeans and informal trousers and a blazer. However they are worn, they will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.