AK MC handmade burnished caramel calf leather tassel loafers

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The tassel loafer is nowadays one of the most versatile shoe models; over the past decades, it has evolved from a primarily casual option to an increasingly more formal shoe model that is worn today not only with khakis or jeans, but also with flannel trousers and even suits. Alexander Kraft has been an early fan of the tassel loafer, and for more than 25 years has worn these shoes in either caramel suede or a rich dark brown calf with his trademark navy or grey suits, in the Italian tradition that has been adopted across the globe, especially in France and in the US. When setting out to create tassel loafers for his Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo brand, Kraft paid particular attention to three points: First, he wanted his tassel loafers to have a more elongated, elegant shape than many other models in the market, making them more suitable for formal wear with suits. Secondly, he wanted his shoes that have been hand – welted utilizing the Goodyear – process, for optimum quality and longevity. Lastly, he wanted his shoes to be hand-burnished, giving each pair a unique patina and making them an individual work of art(isanship). The Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo tassel loafers are hand-made by an artisan cobbler in Portugal using only the finest calf leathers and leather soles whilst adopting the Goodyear-method, and hand-polishing them to a deep, rich shine in a unique caramel-brown color with discreet black accents. This unique patina separates them from many other models in the market and makes them a universal weapon, suited for wear both with jeans or slacks and formal suits alike ! However, the most extraordinary aspect of these high-end shoes may be their price: At € 450 (inc. tax), their price is only a fraction of what models of comparable quality usually cost. Due to their completely artisanal construction, they are sold only in a very limited edition.

Material and Care Notes

100% leather

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