AK MC White Cotton Pique Ladies Long-Sleeved Polo Shirt

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The polo shirt is undoubtedly one of the most versatile casual garments in any man’s or woman’s wardrobe. Taking its name from polo, the sport of kings, the polo shirt was actually popularized initially not by polo players but by 2 tennis players who were known not only for their prowess with a racket but also for their elegance: René Lacoste and Fred Perry. In the 1980s, it was Ralph Lauren who transformed the polo shirt into a staple in any well-stocked wardrobe and made them popular amongst sophisticated men and women around the globe. Alexander Kraft has long been a fan of polo shirts for both men and women, from his early teens to the present day. However, he usually prefers long-sleeved polo shirts who have a clear edge in terms of elegance over their short-sleeved brothers but which are hard to find in dressier, sartorially more sophisticated versions. Thus, the AK MC “Long-Sleeved Sartorial Polo Shirt” has been designed by Alexander Kraft with special attention to numerous sartorial details that make a huge difference in terms of comfort and style, thereby eliminating some of the most common pitfalls of normal polo shirts. First of all, the collar of the polo shirt is cut like a spread, subtly rounded cut-away collar of a dress shirt, a highly elegant shape rarely seen on a polo shirt. In addition, the collar is much higher than on normal polo shirts. In order for this beautiful collar to not collapse when worn underneath a jacket, the collar has removable collar stays, just like a high-end dress shirt. Secondly, the button fly of the polo shirt consists of a (folded over) double layer of fabric, giving this crucial and very visible part of the polo shirt an additional touch of class. The polo shirt is long-sleeved but has a 1-button barrel sport cuff (again comparable to a dress shirt) so it can be elegantly rolled up should the weather or the occasion call for it. On the left hip, one finds the discreet yet very chic embroidered logo of Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo. Finally, even the hem gussets (the little triangles that hold together the front and the back of the shirt) have been designed to recall the Italian flag, an homage to the country where the shirts are lovingly produced. The overall cut is slim, long and fitted (without being tight or skinny), creating a beautiful silhouette both on its own or worn underneath a jacket. This polo shirt will immediately upgrade any casual outfit and can be worn in countless combinations: With a pant suit for a semi-formal attire, with cream or blue trousers and a cardigan or a cashmere sweater over the shoulders for a casually chic outfit perfectly suited for an evening with friends, or with a skirt, jeans or shorts for a truly casual yet classy look. In white cotton, this shirt is a “universal weapon” in wardrobe, fit for (almost) any occasion and climate, combining casual boyfriend style with a dose of glamour and class!

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