Alexander Kraft, Chairman & CEO of luxury real estate behemoth Sotheby’s International Realty France – Monaco, owner of Provençal boutique hotel-restaurant “La Maison Bleue, style icon with more than 210.000 followers on Instagram, musician and author, has now launched a new endeavor that is sure to make waves in the menswear world:

“My vision is to offer a perfectly balanced, timeless RTW menswear line that is ethical and the antidote to fast fashion made in China, with sartorial details and a bespoke feel that offers the very best value for money available anywhere in the world:

  • Timeless clothing with an artisanal feel
  • That mirrors the style of my personal bespoke wardrobe that I created over 25 years together with the world’s best bespoke tailors
  • in neutral colors, extremely well cut with a lot of attention to sartorial details as described below
  • that is made to a very high standard, entirely “Made in Italy” in artisanal workshops in Puglia in Southern Italy
  • featuring jackets with details such as contrasting quarter-lining in red silk, roped shoulders, working button holes, working lapel hole, flower loop, angled pockets, ticket pocket, real horn buttons, perfect pattern matching, and half/full canvass
  • a classic yet updated and very nuanced cut based on bespoke tailoring, with unique 1 button single breasted jackets, strong (but not stiff) roped shoulders, a soft construction, a nipped waist, and high armholes
  • double breasted waistcoats with shawl lapel
  • Trousers with side adjusters
  • 6-ply Scottish cashmere sweaters
  • Goodyear welted shoes and velvet slippers with custom embroidery
  • using only the finest quality cloths from the best producers around the world, such as Vitale Barberis Canonico from Italy for wools and flannels, Huddersfield from England for linens and cottons, and bespoke Scottish house tweeds from the renowned Lovat Mill in Scotland
  • BUT: offering at the same time the greatest value for money possible, making this kind of clothing (and style) affordable to a large number of customers/followers who seek my (life-)style but cannot afford Cifonelli or RL Purple Label…
  • finally, all my clothes will have a true “capsule quality”, i.e. will always be able to be combined with each other, and be suitable for 9-months-wear.
My industry-defying prices are made possible by a unique business model that combines online distribution, communication via social media, strategic partnerships with leading suppliers and reduced profit margins.
Just like with my boutique hotel-restaurant « La Maison Bleue » in Provence, I want to bring high-end style at affordable prices to a (much) larger audience…

I am working with some of the best names in the industry and hope that my line will make quite a splash as it targets a price segment of the men’s market that is seriously underserved at the moment!”


The first collection has been shot by renown photographer Arnaldo Anaya who has been responsible for many of the legendary ad campaigns of Ralph Lauren and many other famous international brands.