AK MC Caramel Cotton Twill Gurkha trousers

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For many years now, Gurkha trousers have been a favorite of Rakish men around the world. Named after fearsome Nepalese warriors who were recruited into the British Army from the 19th century on, these trousers usually feature a high waist, a wide waistband, double pleats and double fasteners. While their aesthetic is certainly striking and often supremely elegant, Alexander Kraft personally found the traditional closing mechanism with opposite buckles rather cumbersome; at the same time, he has always preferred the clean look of flat front trousers. So he decided to create a contemporary version of the Gurkha that featured the clean, flat front – look of his highly successful « Riviera » model but added a slightly enlarged the waistband while also lengthening the front buckle. Thus, he combined the best of all worlds: The Gurkha – inspired waistband and fastener, with the clean look and ease-of-use of « normal » trousers. As usual, the trousers feature side adjusters.

Produced from a high-quality caramel cotton from a renowned Italian mill, there is a small amount of elastane in the weave which will help with shape retention whilst retaining a natural drape and handle., this trousers is sure to appeal to connoisseurs around the world.

This cloth is the same as we have used for our Signature single-breasted jacket and double-breasted waistcoat so can be combined to make a suit or worn to complement blazers or knitwear in a plethora of shades.

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100% Cotton


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